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    In database dbispconfig the PHP Version is stored as text in "NAME".
    When client choose a PHP Version, the "PHP NAME" is stored in dbispconfig web_domain/fastcgi_php_version , not the ID from "server_php_id".
    So 2 things:
    1. we cant rename a PHP Version in Additional PHP versions, then the gui just show Default.
    2. My "PHP NAME": "PHP7.1 testing until 1 dec 2019" does not show after saving this version. Default is shown instead (the php-version is correctly set at client site).
    But this "PHP NAME" does work: "PHP7.2 testing until 30 Nov 2020" and "PHP7.0 testing until 31 dec 2018".
    So fixing nr 1, also fixes nr 2, but if nr 1 cant be fixed due to code, why is my "PHP NAME" 7.1 not showed ?
    Did i explain this so developers understand ?

  2. Croydon

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    This is a known problem currently. We will change php-version-selection in websites to id in the future to address the problem not being able to rename an already selected PHP version.
    The interface selects "default" when the selected version (matched by name) can no longer be found. As long as you don't save anything in the web after that, the previous version stays selected, but if you click save, the PHP will be changed to default for the web.
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