PHP versions have no write access to webX

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    Hey there,

    after having some trouble with different configurations, I started over setting up my server.
    This time I have been using the automated installer script ( and chose NGINX, HHVM and mariaDB (etc.) on Debian Jessie.
    What I did prior to running the script was adding a dotdeb rep for latest NGINX version (1.10.2 by now) to be able to use http2 and a redis module.
    The script loaded and installed this NGINX version without any problems and it's running just fine.

    After installation was done, I also installed an additional PHP7 using this tutorial:

    I now have PHP5.6, PHP7 and HHVM running with NGINX. The only problem is: Neither version is allowed to write to webX/web directories. I've also tried to run a specific script within a subfolder, but the results are the same. I have to set permissions to 777 in order to let them be written in.

    What am I doing wrong? I have another server with ISPConfig 3.1.1, Apache2, PHP5.6 and HHVM running and it has no such problem.
    Where can I find possible configuration problems? And what do I have to look for?

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  2. jascha

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    What I found out so far:

    When changing a folder from 755 to 775 and thus make it group writable, errors still occur, but a log file is being created within the folder. And this log file has the owner www-data:www-data, and not web1:client1 as it should be.
    So I assume that either all PHP versions or NGINX are running as www-data and not as webX. Is this correct? How can I fix this?


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