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    Need Help Installing PHP with mssql module

    okay i am doing the perfect Debian Etch 4.0 and I am at the point of installing php. I have a website that requires the extension = be installed. I have tried building this php package from source but the dpkg-buildpackage fails. I was able to do this via a guide for php5-5.2.5 using different repositories but then could not install ispconfig. I am assuming this will need php5-sybase and I have already installed freetds and tsdodbc. When adding php5-mssql to the install of php according to howto guide the install can not find php5-mssql. Is what i am trying to do even possible? And if so could someone point me in the right direction for a guide? Thank you for your assistance.
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    Resolved the issue

    Thank you for all the reads on my problem. I found the answers and have posted a guide. Please feel free to distribute. Feel free to delete this thread.

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