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Discussion in 'General' started by sahsaj, Nov 11, 2015.

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    I'm running Jessie(8.2), NGINX, MYSQL(MariaDB) and ISPCONFIG 3. I used the automated tutorial from this tutorial spconfig-"install-script-delian" and everything worked perfectly. I login, set up databases and sites, DNS works and the everything seems great.

    For the life of me though I'm unable to connect to myphpadmin in any way. All I get is a 404 not found error.

    I saw there was a thread on this page in the community forum "ispconfig-nginx-cant-connect-phpmyadmin-with-https-404-error-but-can-with-http.65535" that talked about the issue at all but I can't even get to phpmyadmin with http:. I've tried and :8081 with both http and https... Same error though, 404 not found.

    I'm a beginner and this is my first post so I can't include links.


    I have an update, when I type https with it says the browser won't load the page because it can't establish a secure connection to the server, which is different to the 404 not found error.

    Scratch that, back to the 404 not found.
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    Which webserver did you install: nginx or apache? On apache servers you reach phpmyadmin on port 80 with http, on nginx servers you reach it on port 8081 with http.
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    Nginx. Neither Http or https work
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    on nginx you should be able to reach phpmyadmin under http://[YOURIP]:8081/phpmyadmin/ Replace [YOURIP] with the Ip address of your server and ensure that you dont block port 8081 with a firewall.I f this don't work, which exact error message do you get?

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