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    I have used ISPConfig for a number of years with nothing but good things to say about it.
    Thanks goes to all who have contributed to it.

    Version info and debug output in the attached file.

    On this server the phpmyadmin is not found. The request makes it to the Front Controller with returns a 404

    I have compared the structure and contents of this server and another running the same versions. They all match.
    They both run CodeIgniter 3 websites
    Both servers have phpmyadmin behind Basic Auth with .htaccess

    https://[domain]:8080/phpmyadmin/index.php from within the ISPConfig interface works.

    Disabling the Rewrite at the end allows the Basic Auth to show and then phpmyadmin interface works.
    So, I have tried adding a Rewrite condition:
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/phpmyadmin
    to .htaccess residing in the site root directory in an attempt prevent the Front Controller from processing the request. This too fails on this server only for all three sites (it isn't even needed on the other server sites)

    Once it is working I can enable the rewrite and the phpmyadmin interface continues to work.

    I have also tried accessing the url in a Private window, a different browser, restarting the laptop, restarting the server.
    Strange thing is, seemingly I can add/remove that line in .htaccess and get it to work sometimes.

    I am at a loss and Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    The data shows at least that server certificate is faulty, maybe it is the self signed type?
    Consider updating ISPConfig to latest version.

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