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    I've searched and found people with this same problem, but I've had no luck fixing it.

    I installed ISPconfig without any problems and then installed phpmyadmin v2.x
    I didn't look carefully to notice that there was a version 3.x.

    So I made my next mistake by installing v 3.x on top of version 2.x and got the black page. I did some searching and found I was supposed to remove the old version first by deleting some files, which I then did and tried re-installing again via the update in ISPconfig.

    I then restarted the ispconfig service /etc/init.d/ispconfig restart. I still get the loading then blank page and phpmyadmin won't launch.

    Not sure what else I can do to fix this.

    edit: Nevermind, deleting the cache fixed the problem.
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