plz help me, IPCOP is my first step to migrate from windows to linux environment

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ra7eeel, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. ra7eeel

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    peace upon you all friends

    kindly i need you help, i am trying to secure my network and get the benefits of the IPCOP firewall, this is my first step to migrate from windows to linux environment in our medium business

    i am a new IPCOP user, i've just finished the setup and connect to the IPCOP through Https from the green area, but i cant put this firewall in our running medium business, specially i've red the installation, administration but still afraid of facing problem which cant solve in the spot...

    Currently situation
    I have 512/SDSL Internet "lease line" modem- connected through v35 cable to cisco router serial0 then to our switch 24 port, the Main VPN router pluged on the same switch and its connected with 4 branches through VPN/MPLS
    at is this time all the clients eithe in the head-office or at the 4 branched"VPN" are sharing the internet for using there mail/pop3 "outlook express, cliect/server app. and just the g.m for both email and browsing
    there is NAT and DHCP on the cisco router "red area"
    our web server and mail server has a real ips "Public IPs"

    i'm wondering is there any way to make the ipcop up and runing without any problems with my running business ??
    specially we cant stop email service for any reason... and i wanna try this wonderful application to get the approving for the migration to linux :( i am very confused specially the documents dosnt explane my case

    kindly if there is any learning videos for IPCop & Copfilter
    i'll be very grateful for your support speacilly by the way if you can draw me diagram explain how to connect the ipcop to my network its be very kind of you...
    your swift reply will be appreciated

    email: ra7eeel2002 at hotmail
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  3. ra7eeel

    ra7eeel New Member

    yes i did and still confused specially as i inform you befor the business is up and running and i want to know exactly what is the steps i have to do after i configure the IPCOp box with three NICs red, orange, green ??
    and should i make the DMZ with private IPs too, this will not impact the mail server service?? and this means that i shoud make its ip statice and private ??
    many question in my mind i wanna make it in phases with your kind support
    ofcourse if you go a time for that support.
  4. falko

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    Basically you should plan with some downtime (some minutes); if that is not acceptable, you should create a backup MX record for your domains so that people can still send you mails during the downtime.

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