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Discussion in 'General' started by mtuser, Feb 5, 2007.

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    Now I'm using PC with ISPconfig 2.2.9. HD 10G and working good in everything.
    I would like to add new harddisk drive for bigger storage.
    Now I have 40G ata (hdb1) but I don't know how to plug it to ISPconfig.
    How can I add new extra Harddisk drive extra storage for my site or new site or all site or whatever it can possible?
    This is for workplace internal use.

    I already tried add new harddisk by myself at home. Added extra sata to ISP. I created a site then mounted it to new Harddisk (/var/www/web4) but I couldn't build aquota (chmod 600 /var/www/web4/quota*) web4's directory list's not same as web1. I changed many things chmod dir look alike web1 but it couldn't be the same all. Then it was formatted. data's not serious.

    But I don't want to lost my data at my workplace.How can i do something?
    Suggest please.
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  2. martinfst

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    You don't plugin a disk to ISPconfig. You add a disk to your system, format/mount it and use the mount structure to use the extra storage.

    If you use LVM (Logical Volume Manager) you can add the disk to your available drives and extend an existing filesystem.

    This all depends on your system setup, not ISPConfig.
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