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    Hello friends,
    I've configured a body-filter in ISPConfig 3 but this filter should not match for some special mail addresses. Unfortunately the white list check doesn't work in this case, because the smtpd_sender_restrictions are processed at the beginning of the smtp dialog and the whitelist only after this.

    Mails with dropbox, wetransfer or paypal links should be redirected to a special mail address, because we get a lot of pishing mails with this content...
    /(dropbox|wetransfer|paypal)/ REDIRECT

    Now we have some trustworthy customers (i.e. who send us real links from dropbox. E-Mails from them should not be filtered. I think the only way to do this is a MIME check with a negativ lookahead, but I don't know what's the right way.

    doesn't work. :-(

    Can anyone help me?
    Best regards...

    PS: Sorry, because I'm new at this forum I can't use the at-sign (I can't post mail addresses), so I've used a 0 for this...
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    The checks work from top to bottom. So you could have rules first for your special cases and signal them with "PASS":

    That way, you can have your special cases first. If they pass, then the mail won't be checked against the other rules.
  3. so1eda

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    Oh yes! :) Thank you very much. It sounds actually very simple. Why it didn't come to my mind? :confused:

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