Postfix doesn't read the DB (?)

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Snake, May 11, 2009.

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    This web is the best! *-*

    I have a problem with Postfix, I think postfix doesn't read the MYSQL-DB because I can't connect to POP3/IMAP and forwarding doesn't work.

    I have followed this how-to:

    But maillog shows:

    For postmaster (I added it):
    May 11 00:34:52 serv1 postfix/smtpd[14448]:
    NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 554 5.7.1 <[email protected]>:
    Relay access denied; from=<> to=<[email protected]> proto=SMTP helo=<>
    For other user:
    May 11 00:36:36 serv1 dovecot: imap-login:
    Aborted login (2 authentication attempts): user=<user>, method=PLAIN, rip=::ffff:, lip=::ffff:
    I use ISPConfig 2.0 (but I have followed the guide: but I have installed the releases xD):

    MTA: postfix
    File Virtuser: /etc/postfix/virtusertable
    Sendmail CW: /etc/postfix/local-host-names
    Maillog: /var/log/maillog
    Save log: Yes
    Maildir: Yes
    Antivirus-Admin: [email protected]
    Spamfilter: Yes
    I use Fedora Core 8 like the guide.

    Regards and thanks very much!
  2. falko

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    You cannot use virtual mail users together with ISPConfig 2. This is not compatible.
  3. Snake

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    What do you recommend to me? Only I use ISPConfig to configure the DNS because I don't know do it but PureFTP, HTTP and Postfix have been done by me.

    Can I do ISpConfig doesn't interfere with postfix?

    Version: 2.2.32
    (c) ISPConfig 2009

    P.D: I think I'm going to uninstall ISPConfig
    Regards and thanks.
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