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Discussion in 'General' started by TheRudy, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. TheRudy

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    I found out why thunderbird ain't working. Cause i was using full email as username... Instead i have to use web1_username which i don't really like.
    Is there any way to fix this/switch to using full email as username?
    Server is installed using debian 3.1 tutorial..

    Or at least just username instead of that prefix webX_

    I know i can change prefix but no matter what i set it its ugly and really not practical :)
  2. till

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    No, you cant change that beacuse linux usernames may not contain the @ sign.

    You can remove the username prefix in ISPConfig under management > system config > settings on the ISP-Manager tab. But be aware that usernames must be unique for the whole server.
  3. TheRudy

    TheRudy Member

    Was afraid of that..
    Removing prefix is absolutelly out of question cause of uniqueness of names...

    Oh well, clients will have to use webX_ as prefix :D
  4. kanour

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    is there any posibility to use some diferent prefix?

    I would prefer domainname.tld_username

    To use "webX is very awful".
  5. falko

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  6. bofh999

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    OKOK i know its little bit late
    But i had thesame problem so i hope i can help next one who try the same

    First: emailadresses as an login is possible with vituralhost,... but that we dont wanna do

    second: its not true the system do not alow an @ as username that not true it simply works BUT postfix and procmail had a little problem to deliver to an user with an @

    so we need 2 users. first ist the regular user where sendmail is able to deliver
    like john,
    second we simple use the passwd file and make another user with the same UID
    so we have [email protected] with same uid like john

    naturally we use in the system (for the aliase db and vhost table) only user john but for logins he can use [email protected] (doenst matter which authentication he need)

    ok i knwo its quick and dirty but not really another thing the other solutions with vhosts do. its an quick simple thing for smaler servers without mysql mailtables

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