postfix mail duplication at server [centos7|virtualmin]

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Eyal, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Eyal

    Eyal New Member


    I have a mail-copy problem.
    1. A copy of each mail I send goes to my inbox
    2. Incoming mails are duplicated in my inbox
      Any help would be appreciated

  2. Hi Eyal,

    You should give enough information to help you regarding the same. What is your current setup? OS? mailserver?
    Where you see duplicate mails? @server end or @email client?
  3. Eyal

    Eyal New Member

    Thanks. I updated some more info,
    Any data I can send to help understanding the problem?
    How can I get it (which commands)

  4. Copy of emails are in your email client or in server? What email server you are using? Did you check emails on the server?
    Commands its hard to tell until I know your hosting environment. Do you have VPS/dedicated server, any control panel and root access as well?
  5. Eyal

    Eyal New Member

    Copy of emails are both in email client and server
    server - postfix
    yes, duplicated
    This is a dedicated centos server running webmin + virtualmin
    Have full access

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