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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Jeriho, May 26, 2014.

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    I have production mail server, running ubuntu 10.04 and postfix. Succesfully working for years, now it`s overloaded.
    I want to split it in to 2 servers - mail gateway for anti-spam, anti-virus checks, and mail system for sending e-mails and for imap folders.
    In my test environment it works somehow with 1 domain, but when im trying to reproduce it from scratch with virtual domains, I always have "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" with "mail for loops back to myself".
    I remember, that there was exactly same error in my first test installation, but don`t remember how to fix it, and I don`t describe it in my documentation (stupid me, yes!).
    So, my questions is:
    1). how to fix this error?
    2). What DNS settings are right for me?
    Now I have 1 server as primary MX for domains, and with 1 public ip, and A- and MX- records in both domains, ( + and with 1 PTR record "".
    When I add gateway, should I set it up with two public ip`s, with 2 FQDN, 2 MX records in my domains and with 2 PTR records for each FQDN, or 1 FQDN, 2 MX, 1 PTR is enough?
    3). If i Set it up with 2 FQDN, what to use as myhostname in Can postfix use both depending on sender domain or somehow else?

  2. Jeriho

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    it`s alive!

    So, there was logical error in my /etc/postfix/transport for both domains - I set server names, not domains as it must be done. When I replace server names with domain names, all works fine. First trouble resolved.

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