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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by willebanks, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. willebanks

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    Greetings All,

    I'm pretty sure I have screwed up the file to the point were nothing is working as it should! All I wanted was to have a simple email server that my family and I could use to send and receive send and receive email to and from anyone one the Internet. I believe that much of the damage was due to my not understanding any of the Postfix directions in the Perfect Fedora Core 4 setup!

    When things didn't work the way I supposed they should I started making changes I saw posted here when other users seemed to have the same problems! And I have made things much worse for those changes.

    I can't send or receive email from or to anyone and when it looked like I could send email to a user on the server I couldn't find the email anywhere! I have notice in the logs that email from the server to the "root" user is being received albiet only in the log!

    I believe that the configuration is so screwed up I have no choice but to replace the current with an unchanged backup and start from scratch.

    The reason I am posting here is that I feel that this forum would have far less postings if some simple comments or explanations were added to the "Perfect Setups" to explain what was being accomplished, why and how it was to be used.

    Don't get me wrong I love this site and hope to learn enough about Linux and the various software that can be used with it to setup servers to help out here as I have been helped!

    Will Banks
  2. platd

    platd New Member only needs a couple of tweaks for a basic setup
    myhostname =
    mydomain =
    myorigin =

    That should do it. Of course there is far more you can do but just start with basics
  3. willebanks

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    The problem is that I set everything up according to the Perfect Fedora core 4 setup and not knowing that I needed to use a mail client I paniced when postfix didn't seem to be working and started making broad changes...which I sure only made things worse!

    So I have decided to install Fedora Core 5 and since I have a lot more experience I know how to use Postfix and not to make so many changes!
  4. paulley

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  5. willebanks

    willebanks New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    Thank you for all the help! As I said I installed Fedora 5 and went through most of the Perfect setup...I did have some initial problems with Postfix. I wasn't able to send any email to ""... I figured out that I needed to add "$mydomain" to mydestination in the and after some tweaks to my mail client I can now send and receive email from anyone to any user on the server! yea yea yea

    Thank you all for all the help! I could not have done this without it!
    And a really big thanks to falko for all the work that you do with the Perfect Setups and the helpful postings you do here!

    I hope that some day I can pay you all back by assisting in these forums!

    Thanks again!

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