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    Good morning everyone,
    I created a simple postfix-dovecot server on a raspberryPI running openhabian and postfix is "internet site" basic configuration
    I haven't changed anything in the config files and anyway the server seems to work for what I would need:
    simply i'm able to send mail from my user: openhabian@openhabian to myself (openhabian@openhabian), i can do it with telnet, thunderbird and windows live mail,
    i need to do this only on my local network.
    I'm trying to send events from my alarm board always logging me as openhabian@openhabian to myself but something does not work.
    As can be seen from the log, the alarm board seems to connect but does not send mail.
    in mail.log return this:

    Dec 20 13:36:55 openhabian postfix/smtpd[4411]: connect from unknown[]
    Dec 20 13:36:55 openhabian postfix/smtpd[4411]: disconnect from unknown[] ehlo=1 auth=0/1 quit=1 commands=2/3

    The raspberry server IP adress is, and the alarm board IP is in the same network an is
    Does anyone have any idea what I could do?
    Thanks in advance
    Immagine 2022-12-20 142402.png

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    you can try removing the username and password... port 25 doesn't use authentication. it's for transfer between mailservers. that may be all that's needed to get it to work.
    if you want to keep authentication try changing the port to 465 or 587 (you may need to set encryption to SSL or STARTTLS respectively)

    or alternatively, if just using this on a local network, again remove the username and password, and add the alarm board's ip ( to the mynetworks line entry in /etc/postfix/ on the mailserver and restart postfix.
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    i dont belive works well thx a lot

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