postfix/procmail/fetchmail/spamassassin - lost hope!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bspratt, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. bspratt

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    Ubuntu Edgy LAMP; trying to get the mail server to filter. I am receiving and sending mails just fine; postfix is working. Very basic here; I need to fetchmail 1 ISP account so my first question is how to route fetchmail thru postfix. The part that I have been losing hope is getting the filtering piece to work. I have read and abused my server with all the how to's. Everytime I setup procmail and say SA no email is received. I can post my configs and logs which would help greatly but I am wondering if anyone has seen or can direct me to docs covering this basic mail filter piece for Edgy? Every how to I get seems to be overkill. I get about 80 spams a day for 2 accounts. I also have webmin setup but can't seem to connect wires together. It looks so easy - but its not to the newbie. I have been a windows/network admin for 10 years and would love to cross that bridge to the good guys here in X land. Thanks in advance - Bill
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    This is done automatically. All you need to do is create a line for the POP3 account in /etc/fetchmailrc. Take a look here:

    If you want to use procmail together with SpamAssassin to filter emails, take a look here:

    Do you have any error messages in your mail log?
    What's the output of
    netstat -tap
  3. bspratt

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    more heartache

    Thanks for the quick reply. My fetchmailrc file is under /home/bspratt. Do I also need one for /etc ? Back to the bigger issue - I was following the how to with the clamav - "If you run clamd now you will get an error message:
    ERROR: Please edit the example config file /etc/clamav.conf. Never saw the message - All I would get is file or dir not found; also was unsuccessful trying to find clamav.conf. It would never install in the /etc folder I guess. So I started looking at aptitude to check for packages and selected the download/install/remove while searching for clamav. Must have hit the remove key by accident because it not only removed what was showing (some library files) for clamav but then it started to remove postfix, procmail, spamA, squirrel, courier and several other utilities like telnetd. Ok this isn't good but I'm not giving up the ship. I will take a break - clear my head - and come back later and try again from the start. Thanks again for your patience with this - Bill
  4. falko

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    Yes, fetchmailrc must be in /etc.

    In new ClamAV version, the file is called clamd.conf, I think. What's the output of
    locate clamd.conf
  5. bspratt

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    output of clamd

    As asked;

    [email protected]:~# updatedb
    locate [email protected]:~# locate clamd.conf

    With the other packages vacuumed out - I am wondering whether to restore an image of the drive from about a week ago or to just put the missing pieces back in place and re-configure? Probably not a big deal either way. However, I did order a webmin admin book from the library to perhaps tackle things that way. Again, probably not a big deal but which do you prefer for doing a mail server? Perhaps more can be learned from the command line...Any good docs available webmin wise for postfix/procmail/courier etc?
  6. falko

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    That's the file you must edit.
    It's possible you also might have to edit /etc/freshclam.conf (comment out the EXAMPLE line at the beginning).

    I haven't worked that much with Webmin because I prefer the command line (if ISPConfig can't do what I want ;)).
  7. bspratt

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    strike two

    Restored with image and proceeded to configure things with combination of and Why? I really would like just one how to, connect the dots and get on with it - but the that first link IMHO is outdated when it talks about things like "trashcan". I don't see the trashcan component in the current package. Therefore, I assume procmail is linked with SA in another fashion. Clamassassin? Got things setup and fired up postfix - 2 warnings about invalid certs. I then when thru the cert part of setting up Postfix again (reapplying for new certs?) this appeared to be ok until I tried to restart Postfix once again and it always failed. Assuming I have blown up things again - can I restore the image and use the "older certs" without touching them or recreating? the netstat -tap command reveals no errors as I believe all necessary ports are alive and listening. Is there a more current doc to set things up then previous link mentioned? Thanks - Bill

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