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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Quissi, Dec 17, 2008.

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    I have been reading howtoforge tutorials about different postfix setups. I'm planning on my new email server and i need postfix with virtual users and quota support.

    All those tutorials tells how to patch postfix and compile it with quota support. Is there any other way to make postfix system with email quota-support without re-compiling postfix?

    I'm wondering what if there's some security problem (i doubt that but) or some bug in postfix, i have to re-compile my postfix again if i wanted to upgrade it. I want to install my postfix via apt-get (aptitude) and upgrade it with aptitude too if needed. I want to be able to upgrade my current debian Etch system to Lenny without any problems or worries about packages, and upgrade Lenny to what ever debian version is coming in the future.

    Do you guys know if they are going to implement quota support to postfix someday?


    I'm planning to use postfix, amavis, spamassassin, clamav and dovecot imap/pop3. And if i'm using dovecot LDA for delivery i'm able to use quota support with it.

    What do you think about using dovecot's LDA instead of postfix's own delivery? Is there any disadvantages i should know of?

    I'm open for new ideas and suggestions. Should i re-compile the quota support and stop worrying or should i use some other way. Please help me :)

    Thank you for good forums and very nice linux-tutorials. Keep up the good work!

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    On my debian etch server I have postfix version 2.38 installed without the mail quota support patch installed. I remember reading somewhere (a post from the creator of Postfix) as long as you have quota enabled on the directories where postfix will deliver/store e-mails. It will recognize the over quota usage and send a message to the user sending the message the recipient is over quota.

    I also use webmin to manage my box which comes with a handy quota module where I can customize the message being sent out as well implementing the quota.

    I have quota enabled for /home where users keep their created mail folders

    I also have quota enabled for /var basically where each of my users inbox e-mail get stored.

    This particular user had too much e-mails stored in her mail individual mail folders so the system sends the warning below:

    Disk usage for user bexample on filesystem /home has reached 99% of the
    allowed quota.

    1020.70 MB of disk space is being used, out of a maximum of 1024 MB.

    Please start deleting old e-mails to prevent new e-mails from getting REJECTED!

    This has serve me well dealing with pack rat users :D

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