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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by nikkyandrei, Aug 8, 2019.

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    I want to move from Cpanel eith EXIM to Other panel ( ISPConfig / Cyberpanel ) but they are using Postfix and i'm strugle with next ptoblem ... and i dont find yet a solution :
    To keep it simple :
    There is a VPS with 2 domains and 4 ips :
    domain1[dot]com and domain2[dot]com
    IP1 - mta1[dot]domain1[dot]com
    IP2 - mta2[dot]domain1[dot]com
    IP3 - mta1[dot]domain2[dot]com
    IP4 - mta2[dot]domain2[dot]com
    what i want when the client connect to client[at]domain1[dot]com at mta2[dot]domain1[dot]com to send email from mta2[dot]domain1[dot]com but when is connecting to mta1[dot]domain1[dot]com to send from mta1[dot]domain1[dot]com
    AS NOTE: In production the VPS has more than 30 ips with multiple domains

    I know that in the past i struggle with this problem but i manage it to do it with exim not postfix but now i have to come with a solution on postfix

    PS sorry for "[dot]" and "[at]" but because is my first thread here i'm not allowed to post links :)
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    Are mta1 and mta2 on the same host, but each has it's own IP-number?
    I believe it is doable with Postfix, but I do not know how to do it with ISPConfig.
    Just curious:
    Which provider gives you 30 IP-addresses for one host? Or are they IPv6 addresses?

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