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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pcotter, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. pcotter

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    I'm one of those using your own server behind a DSL line, and so, having problems with email not being delivered due restrict Spam rules.

    So im using Google aps for the domains email handling and my postfix smtp is relayed through

    The problem is that every email sent from my web server, like email forms, on line shops etc, the recipients receive the mails with From: rewritten with the gmail account im using to authenticate the relay.

    I believe gmail rewrites the From: header to reflect the authenticated sending account.
    And as i have multiple addresses, will sender_dependent_relayhost_maps help so that I can relay mail <from> a particular domain through different gmail accounts?

    I have 3 domains which i host the web side, but the email side is managed by Google Aps.

    Has anyone did that before? Or anyone have a better solution? (free:) )
  2. falko

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    There have been multiple posts about relaying mails through Gmail, and it really seems as if they're rewriting the sender address... :(

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