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    Most everything I've read has the installation of postgresql on CentOS being done using yum. I'm sure that works quite well, however, I am of the group who likes to do their installation into locations I choose (i.e. Oracle DB 11gR2 allows me to install onto a separate RAID1 file system).

    I'm looking at migrating from Oracle DB to PostgreSQL, but I want to control where my software, tablespaces, etc. are located. Has anyone seen documentation on how to do this?
    Here's what I am looking at:
    • I've 10 file systems for all things DBMS, DBMSU00 - DBMSU09
    • All of my Oracle software has been installed on /DBMSU00/oracle
    • All of the Oracle control files and tablespaces are scattered across /dbmsu01/oracle - /dbmsu09/oracle depending on the instance (there are 4 instances).
    • When I install PostgreSQL I want the software located at /dbmsu00/pgsql.
    • When I use ora2pg to migrate I want the associated files (tablespaces, etc.) located on the same file systems, i.e. /dbmsu01/pgsql - /dbmsu09/pgsql.
    Is this being to anal???
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    Editing the config file? For MySQL for instead you can config the path of your databases etc. In your case please check the documentation for more information and possibilities.

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