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    I am trying to add a third DNS server in my multi-server setup. For diversification, and for supporting some special use cases, I need to go with PowerDNS.

    There seems to be an issue with replication of zones and with resyncing DNS zones. Specifically, when issuing DNS resync from the tools menu the zones are not replicated to the new server. If I edit a zone in the master server, then it appears on the slave server too.

    The issue is limited to the special database (powerdns) that is used by powerdns for serving data. The ispconfig database on the dns3 server is correctly updated (but powerdns does not read from it).

    This tells me that replication is actually working, but then the data is not migrated from the ispconfig database of the target server to the powerdns database of the same server.

    I installed the new server like this:
    I added the new server, installed Debian Jessie 8.4, then installed powerdns, mariadb and installed at the end ispconfig in multiserver setup, with just the DNS option on.
    The server connects to the master and is able to sync the data from the master ispconfig database.
    In ispconfig I have 3 dns servers now. DNS1 is the master server. DNS2 and DNS3 are configured as mirror servers for the master DNS1 server.

    Ispconfig on the master server is (still not updated) while the new DNS3 is

    Do you want me to give more info our or if you point me in the right direction (file/script to look at), I can debug the issue myself and help with fixing it.

    UPDATE: After some investigation, I think that the powerdns plugin is somewhat out of date. The database created does not conform to the PowerDNS version 3.4, which is the default version installed in Jessie (Debian 8.x). There're missing columns (disabled and auth) and the config file created by ispconfig had to be renamed and tweaked to conform to powerdns 3.4.

    To summarize, the issues are:
    1. No sync between the dbispconfig database and powerdns database, unless someone edits the zone in the master server after the dns install.
    2. Incorrect config files for powerdns at install time.
    3. Obsolete database created. Missing fields.

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    The powerdns module is outdated and not maintained anymore. We just left it there for legacy setups and the powerdsn module is not setup by the installer, this module should not be used anymore.
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    Is this because of lost interest in powerdns vs mydns/bind or just because nobody uses it ?
    I am a mydns/bind install (actually only bind now), and I was trying to investigate some of the powerdns plugins (like the geo backend).
    If there's interest in this, i could try to bring it up-to-date with current ispconfig.
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    The plugin was developed by a third party developer, he is not updating it anymore and I don't think that many users actually use it. If there is interest in this plugin, then we need someone who maintains it and updates its code base. So it is not the case that we don't want to have it in ispconfig, there is currently just no maintainer. So if you would update the plugin, that it would be great.
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    Yes, powerdns is not common. I was willing to use it for hosting a small-scale registrar with free dns service (like ghetto godaddy). I do not thing bind will cut it in this scenario with continuous updates.
    Mydns will do for sure, but powerdns has some nice plugins for automatic dns load balancing and geo-localization (need to check those too).
    I'll see what I can do. If this project is feasible, I'll have to volunteer as a maintainer :)
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