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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by newfield, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. newfield

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    I have ispconfig om my Ubuntu 6.10 and has set it upp according to the guide and it has worked fine for over 6 months.
    Now we had a power loss after a thunderstorm and has some problems.
    It is really manny problems but maby be caused by one thing.

    No1: when we boot the server most of the processes does not start by them selves, ispconfig, sshd, bastille and so on.

    No2: when I type anyting at the console I get some mysterious answers.
    The comands work but the console type a lot of extra rows.
    My servers name is webb4 and has the aliasses ns3, brev4 and post4 and if I typ
    for example "clear" I get this on the screen:

    ns3: /etc/[email protected]

    No3: My Squirrelmail works on old mails but says that there is new mails but I cant see them, in Ubimail I can se them and I can get them on my Firebird.

    Please Hilfe.
  2. till

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    Have you checked your harddisks with fsck? Maybe one of the harddisks contained errors and is now mounted read only by the operating system.

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