Preventing password prompt in pureftpd set up

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  1. Neeraja

    Neeraja New Member

    I am using Pureftpd for ftps connections.I do not intend to set password for any of the configured SPIDs.However when the user tries to connect at the other end he/she gets a password prompt.
    Is there any change I have to do in pureftpd set up in order to avoid password prompt?
  2. Neeraja

    Neeraja New Member

    Will Some one be able to suggest the change we need to do in pureftp conf file?
  3. florian030

    florian030 Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    You can use anonymous-access for ftps to prevent a password-prompt or use a script during the connection (on the client-side), that sends user and password.
    Or do you need sftp? for sftp without a password create shell-users and enter theire public-key.
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  4. Neeraja

    Neeraja New Member

    Hi Florian,
    Do you mean we need to set AnonymousOnly property to yes in pureftpd.conf file?
  5. Neeraja

    Neeraja New Member

    Hi,I tried changing the AnonymousOnly property to yes in pureftpd.conf file ..but dint work.if i am not configuring any password for my users..i generally put it as nil.But not sure.,why it asks for password..

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