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    Still trying to find my way around Linux, but I was wondering if someone can help me out.

    When I first installed Ubuntu I didn't know if it was a mistake to choose the install with LVM. So this is what I have:


    /dev/sda1 is a primary partition for /boot
    /dev/sda2 is an extended partition with LVM2 inside containing the rest /

    I was wondering what my options would be if I wanted to expand the size of /dev/sda1 on which /boot resides? Yes, I know you can dump the old boot kernel associated files but just humor me. What could I do to expand the boot partition?

    I tried using GParted Live and the only thing I could do was once I increased the size of sda (its a VM) which allows me to expand the extended so that does me no good.

    So within the context of a VM, what are the possibilities? If adding another larger virtual HD and cloning partition by partition, please feel free to put that down. Yes, I tried this. I was able to clone the LVM to another primary partition with dd. I used the copy and paste in GParted to copy the /sda1 aka /boot to /sdb1 but getting it to boot is another matter. I think I have to reinstall grub2.

    Also, is it common practice just to dump everything into a primary partition and forgo the LVM for just everyday desktop installs in order to keep things simple?

    Is there any need to give some mount points their own partition? I remember way back when the best practice was to do so, but I found it quite hard estimating how much space was needed to account for later growth, so I was wondering if that is still down now a days.


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