Problem after update ISPConfig 3.1.1p1

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by CreeWarrior, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. CreeWarrior

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    Fresh install ISPConfig 3.1/Ubuntu 16.04

    I had logged into the the ISPConfig control panel today and it had showed me there is an update 3.1.1p1, i update ispconfig no problem everything seemed to go fine. The only issue im having is that im getting the wrong website for the domain that is typed into the address bar. eg..

    I have 7 sites running, just over half running SSL with lets Encrypt and http - To - https rewrite and SEO redirect to
    Sites 3 - 7 seem to work fine ssl or not.
    Once i type in i get a cert error in chrome saying the cert is for as well as showing me the content for
    Ive tried in different browsers with the same result. Also if go to i get a cert error saying the cert is for and shows the contents for, Typing in show proper cert and site contents, i had a problem like this before and clearing cache/browser history seem to fix it however not this time.
    I can remove the the rewrite/redirect for and the site works fine and same goes for Im thinking it has something to do with the order the sites are in meaning that is the very first sites in the control panel, and getting the cert and contents from
    Any help or thought would be greatly appreciated
  2. till

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    If a domain has no ssl in apache or nginx (not related to the use of ispconfig or an ispconfig update btw.) and there is another domain with ssl on the same IP, then apache and nginx will show the first ssl website on the same domain that they can find.
  3. CreeWarrior

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    It seems to be a strange coincidence that the problem showed up as soon as the update finished, cause minutes before was working fine. I read somewhere before that apache/nginx would show the next site in alphabetical order, however i cant think of why which had ssl enabled and had a valid cert, would just lose its cert.

    In the end i disabled SSL on all sites and removed rewrites/redirects waited over night, then enabled SSL and rewrites/redirects and now everything is working like it did.

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