problem on rebooting the system with kernel compiled by myself

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    I met a problem on rebooting the system with kernel compiled by my self according to "How to compile kernel on ubuntu way".I found that whenever I reboot the system,it would break down at point where it displayed "rebooting ..." and then stop.So I had to turn off the power although it shutdown gracefully.If I logined in form of "recovery mod" and rebooted it ,it would break down at the same point and displayed "No reboot fixup found for your hardware". I don't kown why.

    Any information or suggestion is appreciated.

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    Please boot your old kernel and compile a new one. The other one doesn't seem to work for your system.
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    The compiled kernel still does not work although I tried to compile many times.I searched this problem via google.someone saied that the source of problem might be located at "the file arch/i386/kernel/reboot_fixups.c:30 ".Yeah,there I find a table with only one entry.

    static struct device_fixup fixup_table[]={
    {PCI_VENDOR_ID_CYRIX, PCI_VENDOR_ID_CYRIX_5530_LEGACY, cs5530a_warm_reset },

    Folllowing that is match_reboot_fixup function.

    Does PCI_VENDOR_ID_CYRIX, PCI_VENDOR_ID_CYRIX_5530_LEGACY not match my laptop?What should I do to resolve this problem?

    My laptop is compaq nx6120.

    I am always waiting for your suggestion.

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    I have no idea. This seems to be a trial and error thing... :(
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    Maybe,the kernel from is incompatible with my HP nx6120 laptop. it reboots gracefully on the kernel compiled again the kernel source from ubuntu by apt-get install linux-source-2.6.12 command.
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    Yes, it's possible that the Ubuntu kernel has some special patches that make it work on your laptop.

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