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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by shawn_t, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. shawn_t

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    I have set up a server with ISPConfig. Here are the ISPConfig Management settings:

    The I set up a single client with one website that has the following settings:

    which has 4 co-domains listed:

    I have listed localtest.poop in my /etc/hosts pointing to and also confirmed that the hostname is localtest.poop.

    The problem is that I expect to be able to access the following sites:

    as well as:

    but the only thing I can access is: localtest.poop which gives me the "Shared IP" error (NOTE: localtest.poop:81 accesses the configuration successfully!)

    Maybe I just don't understand how co-domains work. Can someone confirm that I am setting it up correctly or suggest the correct method.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You created a website for localtest.poop and not localhost.poop.

    How should your workstation know that localhost.poop is on the sama server then localtest.poop?

    Add lines for localtest.poop, host1.localtest.poop, host2.localtest.poop and ladder.localtest.poop to your hosts file and pointing to your server IP.
  3. shawn_t

    shawn_t New Member

    Sorry, I had some typos in my original post! I have edited the original post changing all references to localhost.poop to localtest.poop. I will add the subdomains to my /etc/hosts file and see if that helps.

    Just to confirm, if I register a real domain name (e.g. I would do the following:

    1) Set my server hostname to be
    2) Create a website with hostname=www, and IP=<local IP of server>
    3) Create co-domains with hostname=<cohost> and where <cohost> is: host1, host2 and ladder for my purposes
    4) Port forward HTTP requests through my router to my server IP address (e.g.

    Then I will have access to, and automatically?
    Do I have to check off "Create DNS" and "Create DNS MX" for all of my subdomains so the outside world knows where is (for example)?
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  4. piers

    piers New Member

    If you are setting up this machine for just your domain and you have a friendly upstream ISP (wher you bought the domain name from) you may be able to set * to you internet IP (where your ISPConfig is) for an A record and let apache handle all the sub-domains, any sub-domains not known by apache will just display the shared IP page - maybe you could change this to your wn error page for your domain. This way ou don't have to worry about the DNS server within ISPConfig.

    If you are planning a few domains for people you will probably want to use the DNS options within ISPConfig and change the NS record at the ISP
  5. shawn_t

    shawn_t New Member

    FYI: I added: www.localtest.poop, host1.localtest.poop, host2.localtest.poop and ladder.localtest.poop to my /etc/hosts file and I can now properly test my ISPConfig locally. Now, typing in any of these co-domains goes to the "Welcome to www.localtest.poop page. I guess the next step is to forward the co-domains to a different subdirectory.

    Thanks for the quick responses!


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