Problem with deleting individual spam filter rules

Discussion in 'General' started by buttman, Oct 10, 2016.

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    Here's the thing. When SPAM comes to my domain, it lands in Junk folders and is marked *** SPAM ***. But about a month ago new wave of spam hit few of my mailboxes, which make bayesian mechanisms useless. I mean **** mails - each and every one from different mail addresses, with random content etc. So i decided to use mail filters in individual box settings. I created a rule, which appeared in 'Custom rules' tab as:
    if header :regex ["subject"] [".*quickie"] {
    fileinto "Junk";
    And it worked! I've sent to my mail address an email with 'quickie' in subject and - guess what - it appeared in 'Junk' folder. Without '*** SPAM ***' mark, but whatever. Then I decided to remove the rule and check if another mail with 'quickie' comes to my inbox, instead of junk folder. Alas, it still lands in junk.
    I mean - I wouldn't surely like the 'quickie' mails to pop in my mailbox, but I want to know where else this rule is written and how to remove it. It's not in ISPConfig's control panel anymore, it's not in my box' ispconfig.sieve file anymore... so what's going on?
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    I've searched the whole ISPConfig database and found 'quickie' string in sys_datalog table. Maybe that's why this 'deleted' rule is till working? What's this table for? How to get to it via ISPConfig interface? I'm really stuck :-(
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    The .sieve script gets compiled into a binary .sieve.svbin, maybe something happened where that wasn't rebuilt - just remove the old one (/var/vmail/domain.tld/username/.sieve.svbin) and try again.
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    Thank you Jesse, That solved the issue!

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