Problem with Mailwatch and Mailscanner on CentOS 5 how to

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by jakev383, May 2, 2008.

  1. jakev383

    jakev383 New Member

    I've been following the how to here on a test system to try out Mailscanner and the how-to is missing a step or two in step 7.3, specifically the vi /var/www/html/mailscanner/conf.php.example step. At this point this directory does not exist yet until you move the /tmp/mailwatch-1.0.4/mailscanner folder to /var/www/html/
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    You might want to contact the author and tell him about this. Maybe he can fix this.
  3. jakev383

    jakev383 New Member

    No problem. Did so.
  4. jakev383

    jakev383 New Member

    This how to is broken; I sent a couple messages to the author with my findings and some fixes, but have not received any answer.
  5. Rocky

    Rocky Member


    You can try the following tutorial as it's pretty complete with step-by-step guidance.

    Give it a try and please let me know if there are any corrections needed to the tutorial. If you really need to use Centos, you can probably use the SpamSnake as a guide.
  6. jakev383

    jakev383 New Member

    I had not looked at that one yet. Would it be possible to have the email accounts also hosted on the same machine? Or even if you could answer a few questions about Mailscanner that would be great.
  7. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    Yes, I'm sure you can host the email accounts on the same unit. This tutorial can serve the purpose as a guide for your setup. I'm sure if you took a virtual user setup, you can incorporate the two tutorials to achive what you're trying to do.

    What would you like to know about mailscanner? I have some experience and can possibly answer your questions.

  8. jakev383

    jakev383 New Member

    If a message comes in and is marked as spam it's held by Mailscanner, right? I'm assuming the user is sent some type of notification telling them they have mail in the junk folder and can they log in and release these messages themselves? If so, do they only see their messages? I wouldn't want them seeing ALL the email held on the system as some may not be for them.
    Am I close with this, or totally off-base?
  9. Rocky

    Rocky Member

    What happens is that MailScanner will tag the emails, modifying the subject line with, for example, ***SPAM***. You can configure it to add whatever you want in the subject line by modifying the option in the MailScanner.conf file. It will then either store, deliver or delete the message according to how you setup it up.

    I had my users setup a spam folder and a rule to move all emails tagged with ***SPAM*** to it. That way, they can sort through it on their own.

    MailScanner, with the correct settings, will quarantine all emails, ham or spam, which can be released if tagged incorrectly. I've implemented MailWatch on my setup to do just that.

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