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Discussion in 'General' started by Laur Balaur, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Laur Balaur

    Laur Balaur New Member

    I have a working installation of ISPConfig 3, postfix, dovecot, bind, amavisd, MySQL 5.7, Centos 7.2 .I try to migrate few email accounts from another server .
    I create with ISP 3 interface the new accounts with a standard password everything was Ok but now came the surprise : when I check with phpmyadmin tables mail_user and mail_access to update the users passwords I have no data in this tables ( no data at all) . I check again in postfix and dovecot configuration and the database name and tables are the right one .I have another (old) email accounts who working Ok .
    Is ISPConfig store in another place / table user accounts and passwords ?
    Thank you .
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The mailbox data is in the mail_user table of the ispconfig database. mail_access is for relaying only, so this is normally empty. Maybe you opened a wrong database or a wrong server?
  3. Laur Balaur

    Laur Balaur New Member

    Hello Till,
    I have install ISPConfig over 3 virtual servers and I check on each ispconfig database . Mail_user table is empty on all 3 servers . Dovecot, postfix, primary dns server and ISPConfig main installation is on the primary server, secondary server is mysql server ant the third server is secondary dns server . All 3 servers have mysql database and I check them against mail_user table . But all the services are working fine .
    I try also to export this tables but there is no user /password inside .
    Any ideas ?
    Thank you .
  4. Laur Balaur

    Laur Balaur New Member

    Solved . I configure ISPConfig when you click phpmyadmin link on Sites----Database--a database--- to redirect connection to dedicated MySQL server phpmyadmin instance . When I tried to access main ISPConfig phpmyadmin interface I was redirected to the second server . I put another phpmyadmin instance on the main server and now I can see my users .

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