Problems transferring files found to memory stick etc.

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    My installation consists of a laptop running dualboot (opensuse 13.1 and windows-7). I was using Skype on windows when a message indicating a memory problem came up on my screen. Without thinking I responded which is what the hacker wished me to do and whoosh vanished a large portion of data in windows. Being happier in Linux, I cleaned up somewhat in windows and continued in Skype under Linux.
    A few days later something hit the fan causing irregular boot problems until a complete standstill.
    It was then that I started with a LIVE CD containing GPARTED, TESTDISK, GRUB many other interesting pieces of software. I started with GPARTED but didn't get very far. I then experimented with TESTDISK and found a fantastic program. THANKS.
    After a few restarts I found almost all I required to setup the dualboot system again except
    1. When searching for my data I hang up on a directory and can only copy individual files. I wished to select the directory DOCUMENTS and not copy each individual file.
    2. I have found no means of copying the selected files to a memory stick or somewhere outside. I cannot do anything with the data as I have only a LIVE CD running on the laptop.
    3. I also have a larger dual boot system for the finishing touches.

    Who can assist a FUDDY DUDDY pensioner?
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    Please use the script in tutorial

    Just remove starting lines of installing the test disk, script is incorporated to distinguish the data according to its type

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