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    I post recently in my multiple server configuration and i think my problem is related to it is the cloud server in wich i have icpconfig panel for all my sites.

    secondserver is the dedicated server with ispconfig installed in expert mode.

    I am having problems with email. I have a relay access error with external email (for example i write an email from gmail and it is automatically rejected) for email accounts in (mail server work weel and can send email, but can not receive due to this problem).

    I have dns records configured with a and mx records correclyt i think (if you want i give you).

    i have a site, a mail domain, and a email user in (all is configured to be in in ispconfig panel).

    I have also other sites, domains ans email user in and alll work well.

    I am blacklisted in barracuda and sorbs, in all other i am not blaclisted (i am requesting to delist because my isp give my a ip listed in 2011). I think the problem is not for this reason because the mail arraive to my server, but my server rejects it automatcally. I write about this because you usually ask about.

    I look into my dbs on and, mail users and domains. I see that in i have all mail domains from and I have only mail domains from in the db. The same occurs with email users, all from and exists in firstserver db and only second email user exists in the secondserver db. I don't know if it is correct.

    I have read a lot of post asking about this problem but i look in my postfix configuration files ( and seem to be ok (only second server have commented line "submission ..." but commented or uncommented do not work.

    What could be happen with email in secondserver.vom why rejects all email?.

    If you want i give you my conigurations files and real names for email and domains. Is not a problem.

    Thanks for your attention and best regards.

    Sorry if y can not explain better i am not a native speaker. Thanks.
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    Solved !

    I don't know why but i can locate the error. I have a problem in my mysql-virtual* conf files on postfix they were using server_id 2 instead of 3 like was setted in and

    I don't know why this missconfiguration but when i edited all files setting server_id to 3 all work fine.

    Thanks, i hope it will help someone with same problem.

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