Problems with multi-server setup

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by doctorzoidberg, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. doctorzoidberg

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    Hello everybody.
    I tried yesterday to install ISPConfig to a fresh debian lenny server.
    The installation went smooth, but a big problem happened after installation on a SECOND server on the same ISPConfig "network"

    I had to edit the "root" user on the server 1 (the "master" server) to permit root login from network, otherwise the installation won't work.
    Then, when I try to create a site on the server 2 (the "www1" server), nothing happens.
    i can see the site on the web control panel, but not on the www1 server. even querying manually the DB shows it.
    Is there something that I need to enable? user permissions on the www1's mysql db?
  2. doctorzoidberg

    doctorzoidberg New Member

    Uhm, it seems that i'm missing a reverse dns entry for the www1 server.

    | | ispcsrv2 |

    This line in mysql.user on manager could be the root of the problem.
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  3. doctorzoidberg

    doctorzoidberg New Member

    Nope, I tried adding the reverse dns, editing mysql.user to enable access from any host, but...nothing

    Any clue?
  4. doctorzoidberg

    doctorzoidberg New Member

    after upgrading manager to svn, everything is working OK

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