problems with PHP, Phpmyadmin, Roundcube

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Bossonline, May 18, 2018.

  1. Bossonline

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    I try everything. please help.
    PHP is important. I can't even run WordPress website.

    Server: (Debian Stretch) ISPConfig 3.1.11
    State: ok (0 unknown, 0 info, 0 warning, 0 critical, 0 error)

    The state of your Hard-Disk space is ok [More...]
    Your virus protection is ok [More...]
    Your Mail queue load is ok [More...]
    Your Server load is ok [More...]
    All needed services are online [More...]
    Your system is up to date. [More...]
    The System Log is O.K. [More...]

    Status of Services (Server : megaservicenyc com)
    Web-Server: Online
    FTP-Server: Online
    SMTP-Server: Online
    POP3-Server: Online
    IMAP-Server: Online
    DNS-Server: Online
    mySQL-Server: Online

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  2. till

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    Your screenshot shows a working PHP page, so there is no PHP issue. Just follow the instructions shown on your screenshot to continue with the WordPress installation.

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