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    I am following the Intrusion Detection: Snort (IDS), OSSEC (HbIDS) And Prelude (HIDS) On Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon and have run in to a snag I can't decipher. I am actually installing this on a UBUNTU 8.04 LTS server that I have followed the perfect server setup minus the unneeded applicatiion such as dns, mail support, ftp support. I have gotten as far as trying to set up a client into prelude-manager

    here are the messages I get
    [email protected]:/etc/prelude-manager# prelude-adduser registration-server prelude-manager
    * WARNING: prelude-adduser is deprecated and will be removed in the future.
    * WARNING: Please use 'prelude-admin' instead.
    The "w06b13qa" password will be requested by "prelude-admin register"
    in order to connect. Please remove the quotes before using it.
    Generating 1024 bits Diffie-Hellman key for anonymous authentication...
    Waiting for peers install request on
    Connection from
    GnuTLS handshake failed: Could not negotiate a supported cipher suite..
    I have not been able to find anything in the Log files that are any of assitance.

    Appreciate any help ahead of time.
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    Did you disable AppArmor?

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