Procmail with Virtual Users And Domains With Postfix, Courier And MySQL

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    Can anyone shed some light on how procmail can be called to do various receipes before courier delivers the mail to the directory. a few things confuse me, number one when calling the procmail in the .forward file, what is the exact line i need, different websites give me different syntax and none has worked thus far and two, following the guide, doesn't quite give the old qmail style Maildir format where we have:

    somedir with domain in it \ Maildir \ new or cur or tmp

    instead we have

    somedir with domain in it \ new or cur or tmp

    Will this matter if the "Maildir" directory doesn't exist? Where is the .forward file meant to be placed considering we have no Maildir directory?

    Any help guys would be greatly appreciated! Also whats the consensus on using Maildrop instead of Procmail?
  2. falko

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    Should be

    "|/usr/bin/procmail -f-"
    (replace the path to procmail if necessary).

    You should have a Maildir directory, otherwise something went wrong.
    Did you send an email to the account in question? Because the Maildir is created when the first mail arrives.

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