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  1. thim

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    Hi i have a question, again :) , concerning proftpd.

    I have setup a basic proftpd on a centos 4.4 server.
    I have configured that it uses chrooting and that i works with unix system accounts.

    But now i have the following situation.

    I have a main user (MainUsr) which wants a extra ftp account for a user (ExtraUsr) of his.

    But the main user must keep access to all space

    example :

    - /var/www/mainuser/web/ mainuser webgroep

    MainUsr :
    - /var/www/mainuser/web/ mainuser webgroep
    - /var/www/mainuser/web/ mainuser webgroep
    - /var/www/mainuser/web/ mainuser webgroep
    - /var/www/mainuser/web/ mainuser webgroep

    How can i do this?
    Or what's the best method concerning ftp accounts and sub accounts?
    Because this situation is what i had logically in mind, therefor it's not the best method?

    The extra user may only have access to his space but i most keep the same owner (mainUsr)
  2. falko

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    You can chroot your main user to /var/www/mainuser, then he can also access /var/www/mainuser/web/

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