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Discussion in 'General' started by anais, Apr 23, 2010.

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    I raised my question.
    I would like to set up a hosting server with my PC (it's dummy for a project I want to do for some classes they attend, so I do not recommend hiring any reseller plan or anything like that because this is not the case.)

    I azap installed ISPConfig and everything good.

    But my problems "big" I think that start here:

    "I want to find some kind of system, when filling out a form, fill in the details, type of hosting required etc, automatically create a web space on my web server for each user, with your FTP account to host your e- page ...

    I believe that this system exists because I have seen many hosting companies that send you an email informing you of your site, your FTP, DNS, (usually the same as the pass to put FTP example) and things like that a is "almost identical in" so I guess this kind of software and / or scrpit exists.

    Well if there is such software, would like to tell me what it is and whether it could work with ISPConfig or need other software as well as how to install it says to put in place to sync with the server.

    I used the google translator sorry if not well understood, if I could write to that can then be translated into this.
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    Look this and this. I have not tried, I hope this helps. Hostbill, I think is working on a plugin for ISPConfig.


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