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Discussion in 'Technical' started by sopras, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. sopras

    sopras New Member

    Hello! i want to make High available cluster, for that i am using virtual-box, proxmox. It's a 2node 3 vm cluster

    I managed to do everything right, nodes are replicating files successfully after server being turned off or restarted.

    But if i killit or how do i say... power down config file is not being replicated.

    I did it based on this tutorial -

    Thanks in advance! i will wait for your response.:)
  2. nawaz

    nawaz New Member


    I'm pretty new to this subject so here goes my question:

    is it possible to export a KVM or OPENVZ virtual machine into a "real" - non-VM machine?

    i.e. tinker with an installation in a VM and once its OK export or deploy onto a real physical machine?

    I need to install a virtual Win7 Pro, configure setup and then deploy.

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