Pure-ftp error TLS renegotiation

Discussion in 'General' started by zapyahoo, Aug 19, 2019.

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    @byman64 they added tls 1.3 in filezilla which pure-ftpd 1.46 doesn't support. Old filezilla client still works.
  2. byman64

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    Yes, your are right...
    it's a bit stupid remove the compaibility...now until I migrate to another client or I will find how to update pure-ftp I have to use plain ftp
    something know if there is a way to update pure-ftp?
  3. ahrasis

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  4. byman64

    byman64 New Member

    it worked fine and now I can use again my filezilla client
    thanks @ ahrasis
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    I know this is an older thread but perhaps somebody else stumbles over this. I ended up comparing the SSL libraries of a few of my ubuntu 18.04LTS server with some having this working and some not and the difference was I had the ppa ondrej/apache2 installed on those it was working which provides a newer version of libssl1.1. Once I added that PPA to the 'not working server' and ran `apt install libssl1.1`, the problem was gone.
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