pure-ftpd with ssl?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by leblanc, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. leblanc

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    i have pure-ftpd working with postgresql backend.

    I followed instructions on pure-ftpd website to enable ssl. How can i test if it is working?

    How can i troubleshoot this? [my client was smartftp and i'm trying to narrow if it's a client problem or a server problem with ssl handling. ]

    what would be the commands to authenticate with ssl and accept the certificate using linux on command line????????/

    telnet localhost 21 // on my server???
    key value
    key value
    user leblanc
    pass ....
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    I use proftpd-mysql on Debian 4.0 ETCH, and I also use smartftp. For some time now, I have not been able to figure out how to get ssl over ftp to work... and it is pissing me off too.

    I read that smartftp uses a different protocol, and it may not work properly. in that same article, i read that there was a free ftp client called winSCP which i have been using, and still, no ssl over ftp.

    When I try to connect, it wants to use port 22, which is my SSH port. If that is the case, to use FTP over SSH (which does work), is that actually correct? i dont have SFTP set up on my new server, but when i try to connect, it will accept my username and password that I use for SSH, but not any FTP users...

    Should I change my SSH port to something else? if i set up SFTP it is TLS authentication, is it not?

    I may be wrong, but hey... I am at least making another question that may end up getting the right answer eventually ;)

  3. leblanc

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    keep on track

    there are 2 ways to upload files securely;

    ssh or ssl - both methods require the client to accept a certificate to encrypt traffic between client and server. how each protocol differs or which is better is beyond me.

    ftp over secure shell is done with sftp or scp... i use pscp from:
    there is also a psftp client there also. Read the tutorials on the above website that describe how to use the clients. scp client on linux is preloaded on my suse distro and ubuntu and work exactly as in pscp client. My previous experience with ssh was that there is no virtual database provider.... anyone wanting to secure shell would need a real account on the box. This is not acceptable in my case. winscp uses secure shell account.. nothing to do with pure-ftpd!

    ftp with ssl is completely different from the above. You are no longer using a secure shell but using the standard ftp protocol but now including a layer of encryption with ssl. for this you don't need a ssh server but merely need an ftp server that is ssl aware... aka: pure-ftpd

    The problem on this thread:
    How do you test that pure-ftpd is actually handling ssl connections properly? So i can debug my client or debug pure-ftpd.

    linux command lines would be much appreciated.
  4. leblanc

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    found clients and have it working on 1 client!

    I'm using filezilla and gnome ftp and smart ftp

    I have it working with filezilla on linux.
    I found filezilla in my opensuse repository. The trick is to pick FTPES for communication type. Thats it!

    since filezilla is available for win and linux... and since i'm going allow both unsecured and secured connections.... i'm not going worry about this anymore. Just inform the users if they need ssl use filezilla!

    debug errors on gftp
    gftp complains about self signed certificate.
    wish i could get this to work.. but here is somebody's attempt:
    Connected to
    -Welcome to Pure-FTPd.
    220-You are user number 1 of 10 allowed.
    220-This is a private system No anonymous login
    -IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server.
    220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.

    234 AUTH TLS OK
    Error with certificate at depth0
    = /C=US/ST=Iowa/L=Cedar Rapids/O=Robust Haven/OU=Administration/CN=Leblanc Meneses/emailAddress=web@robusthaven.com
    = /C=US/ST=Iowa/L=Cedar Rapids/O=Robust Haven/OU=Administration/CN=Leblanc Meneses/emailAddress=web@robusthaven.com
    Error 18
    :self signed certificate
    Disconnecting from site

    smartftp ... scrap use filezilla probably same problem as gftp.. menu is confusing
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