PureFTPd And MySQL through http

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  1. curiogeo

    curiogeo New Member

    I have completed this fabulous tutorial and also activated TLS (would be a nice addition in the tutorial) for SSL access.

    My question is how do I display the files from the server in a web page and enable http or https downloads. To be clear I do not want to open the ftp port on the firewall. I want the transfer to take place in the web page that displays the contents of the FTP server.

    Is this possible?

    Let pretend the the server hosting ftp receives the request, what will happen?
  2. zcworld

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    ok im a tab lost at what your trying to get at
    im not if its me / me in the heat / or anyone else has got the same problem

    why do the FTP with mysql than if you going to use http for access

    if you want like
    ftp access with mysql backend for users/passwords
    with http front end access
    there is an ftp script
    ( you have to go looking for )
    that you can put onto your web site

    i think i got what your saying or trying to do

    heads up with more info on what you trying to do
    so i can understand it more
  3. curiogeo

    curiogeo New Member

    My goal is to be able to move files on an intranet. The problem is the only port(s) the sys admin will open from one segment of the network is http or https.

    For the rest of the users the normal FTP access through port 21 is allowed. For this specific group if I want them to have files they have to access the webpage and download from there. I would prefer to maintain one set of files and manage one ftp site with an http file server built in.

    Does this help to clarify my intentions?
  4. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    Simply point your httpd document root to the ftp root where the files are.
  5. curiogeo

    curiogeo New Member

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