PureFTPd Connection Problem on Virtual Server with Ubuntu 20.04/ISPConfig 3

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    Hi, this might be a bit tricky, but maybe someone can give me a hint or has allready some experience with this kind of problem:

    Hoster in this Case is HostEurope in Germany and the Package is a so called Virtual Server 10+ with Ubuntu 20.04 and 2 necessary services (Nydus and Panopta) installed, that must be kept running. I installed as usually...Perfect Server with Apache for Ubuntu and ISPConfig and opened passive ports for FTP.

    Everything is running fine, but when I'm connected over WinSCP (SFTP-3, SSH-2, OpenSSH_8.2p1, AES-256 SDCTR) and try to upload more than 100 files at once, it might happen once in a while, that the connection first goes down 1-2 seconds and then gets disconnected. Reconnecting is no problem and the upload seems to continue where it ended, but this is not, what I would like to put my trust in.

    Even worse, if I try to connect with PHPFirestorm, the connection gets lost (QUIT) often directly after LIST:
    org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPConnectionClosedException: Connection closed without indication

    I already thougt, this might be because PHPFirestorm is expecting a binary connection as on other servers before:
    150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file list
    On this server the connection only sometimes comes up with:
    200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
    But then again after entering passive mode and LIST the connection gets lost again.

    Any idea, what could be a reason for these disconnects...any idea where I could take a deeper look, maybe syslog, so I should be able to see, whats going wrong?
  2. till

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    First, you are connecting to two different services and you have two independent errors because SFTP is not FTP. So the problem when connecting with WinSCP is that HostEurope seems to disconnect SSH sessions on their own, you should contact their support and ask them why they disconnect SSH file transfers with WinSCP as ISPConfig is not involved in these at all.

    The second error, there you connect with FTP or FTPS, so you connect to the pure-ftpd FTP server in this case and not to SSHD as in your first attempt with WinSCP. The reason for disconnects on list is commonly a firewall misconfiguration. FTP uses additional ports while switching to passive mode, if these ports are blocked (on your server or in the firewall of your VPS in the data center) then you get disconnected. Set a specific port range as shown here:


    and then take care that this port range is open in the firewall of your vps.
  3. schmidtedv

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    Hi Till,
    ok, the difference between SFTP and FTP makes sense, sorry for combining it. However, pureFTPd and ISPConfig are already configured for use/allowing passive mode over 40110-40210, but I will ask HostEurope, if there is any kind of firewall in the back that influences the traffic twice.

    Maybe another thing to mention: The server only has got an IPv4 to use (no IPv6), but "ip addr show" comes up on eth0 with showing my inet IPv4 and inet6 with an internal IPv6 fe80::5054:7cff:feaf:cf28/64.

    "netstat -tanp|grep 21" tells me, pureFTPd is listening for tcp and tcp6 connections, and "ufw status" tells me, that 40110:40210 is opened for both tcp and tcp (v6).

    However, if I use Filezilla and try to download a folder with 10.000 smaller Images, every 150-200 downloads it comes up with a disconnect/reconnect like this:

    Status:    Dateiübertragung erfolgreich, 11,2 KB in 1 Sekunde übertragen
    Befehl:    PASV
    Antwort:    227 Entering Passive Mode (xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx,156,225)
    Befehl:    RETR 1486741503667.jpg
    Antwort:    150-Accepted data connection
    Antwort:    150-The computer is your friend. Trust the computer
    Antwort:    150 18.3 kbytes to download
    Fehler:    Konnte vom Socket nicht lesen: ECONNRESET - Verbindung durch Peer zurückgesetzt
    Fehler:    Verbindung zum Server getrennt
    Fehler:    Dateiübertragung fehlgeschlagen
    Status:    Starte Download von /teamarea/api/gfx/uploaded/320/1636628731392.jpg
    Status:    Auflösen der IP-Adresse für srv.mts-gruppe.com
    Status:    Verbinde mit xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:21...
    Status:    Verbindung hergestellt, warte auf Willkommensnachricht...
    Status:    Dateiübertragung erfolgreich, 10,2 KB in 1 Sekunde übertragen
    ...after this, it goes on for another 150-200 files and so on. At the end - after downloading all files, so I guess that's ok - it comes up with:

    Status:    Verbindung zum Server getrennt
    Antwort:    421 Timeout - try typing a little faster next time
    Fehler:    GnuTLS-Fehler -110 in gnutls_record_recv: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
    Status:    Server hat die TLS-Verbindung nicht ordnungsgemäß geschlossen
    Fehler:    Konnte vom Socket nicht lesen: ECONNABORTED - Verbindung abgebrochen
    Fehler:    Verbindung zum Server getrennt
    Could the missing IPv6 be a reason for this? I tried to configure pureFTPd with another Option/conf-file "ForcePassiveIP" and put my IPv4-Adress inside, but this didn't help either.

    I tried to upload about 1.300 of these files after the download and there was no error at all. Redownloading, however, disconnected the transfer again periodly and deleting the folder from the server broke after maybe 500 files by listing all the files that could not be deleted because they could not be found....not funny.
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