Query: Making bootable media to re-install Debian 'Jessie' ??

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by vtsnaab, Apr 5, 2016.

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    I enjoy trying different distros as I hear of them, and lately have installed several based upon Debian 'Jessie' - Q4OS and PrathamOS.
    I have also grabbed a couple of others that I will check out soon.

    Now that I've tried these out on a spare PC and tweaked each one a bit - removing apps & stuff that I'll never use, added stuff which I do prefer to use - I want to re-make boot media for each that I've tried.

    This is for either live use or to re-install on my daily desktop (and as backups, of course...).

    Herein lies the rub...Remastersys used to be a viable option, mostly for Ubuntu & variants - but it seems to be no more. (Respin seems to be MIA too.)

    A couple of good possibilities for doing this look to be Ghost for Linux and Mondo Rescue - at least for the bootable image part of it - but maybe not for live usage at all.
    Some folks recommend Systemback.
    Another that I am unclear about is Pinguy Builder.

    Trouble is - I don't see anything anyplace confirming what works with Debian Jessie & variants...or not.

    So my questions - if anyone here has made a live/installer USB/DVD from their Debian based OS as it is:
    What have you used that you recommend for this, please ??
    Would you please point me to places with info about what works & how to do it ??


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