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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by crudolphy, Jun 4, 2006.

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    I just recently re-built my server. I installed Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) server following the ISPConfig How To for Ubuntu 5.01 (Breezy). Then I have installed the Drupal CMS. So far everything seems to be working fine, but in checking out logs to make sure everthing was right I ran across the following in my mail.log. It seems to appear very frequently:
    Jun  4 09:31:14 crud-03 postfix/pickup[29035]: D496311805C: uid=10001 from=<web1_chuck>
    Jun  4 09:31:14 crud-03 postfix/cleanup[29422]: D496311805C: message-id=<[email protected]>
    Jun  4 09:31:14 crud-03 postfix/qmgr[8357]: D496311805C: from=<[email protected]>, size=391, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
    Jun  4 09:31:15 crud-03 postfix/local[29425]: D496311805C: to=<admispconfig@localhost>, relay=local, delay=1, status=sent (delivered to command: /usr/bin/procmail -f-)
    Postfix picks up the message from me "<web1_chuck>" and then delivers it to "<adminispconf@localhost>". You probably can't tell from the above what generates this message but what I want to know is where is it being delivered to? I am sure you will need to know more, but I don't know what more, and I don't know where to look.:confused:

    I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

    Thanks in advance

    Chuck Rudolphy
  2. till

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    Dont worry, these lines are normal. Not your message is delivered to admispconfig, only the size of you message is delivered to admispconfig. This mechanism generates the mailstatistics.

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