Questions about Samba Server on Jessie

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Quaxth, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Quaxth

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    As the title say!
    First question: In the tutorial, chapter 2: Installing Samba, it shows in smb.conf file:
    that the name for NetBIOS is: debian. did that need to be the fact, or could I use like the Server Name (e.g. Server1), or even the name of the used Workgroup?
    In chapter 3, to add the Samba Shares, it used: /home/shares/allusers (/anonymous) as a share for all users. All content added to that Dir is accessible for any user?
    In chapter 4: Adding and Managing Users, I add some users. If done that, their Dir is located in the Home folder, just I wasn't able to access that Dir's using the appropriate Username and Password! How the users could access the data in the Dir of allusers etc., etc.?

    Thanks a lot for any fast answer.
  2. sjau

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    You can chose whatever you want, however i tend to think using the same name as the workgroup name is not a good idea. The netbios name is what WINS registers the machine as.

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