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    My apology in advance if this question looks ridiculous, yet I really need to understand and deploy it because I had a really bad experience in the past that the remote server HDD crashed (without redundancy) and all my data were lost. So I thought like I create a mini home datacenter with DNS servers on my own this time.

    Right now, I have a remote server with two public IPs where I would just like to host the DNS servers and nothing else (currently with ISPConfig3). I would like to point everything from that server to the servers at my two locations (with two static Public IPs provided by the ISP as shown in the attached file: and I would also like to create DNS Master and Slave at my two locations as failover to the remote DNS servers (like and

    What I am trying to achieve is a shared webhosting with redundancy with Proxmox (as outlined here: by Falko).

    Internet ...................... Internet
    | |
    | |
    | |
    eth0 WAN eth0 WAN
    ;'''''''''''''| ;'''''''''''''|
    '`'''''|''''''' '`'''''|'''''''
    eth1 DMZ eth2 LOC eth1 DMZ eth2 LOC
    | \ | \
    | | | |
    ,''''''''''''''| `. ,''''''''''''''| `.
    L______________| | L______________| |
    `. `.
    | |
    | |
    +------------ +------------
    "------------' "------------'

    The IPs would look like this:
    eth0 WAN IP: (public IP)
    eth0 LAN IP:
    eth1 : (for DMZ with Proxmox and openvz with redundancy)
    eth2 : 192.168.7.xx

    1) Is the above setup ideal? If not, what could be the better way?

    2) I am a bit confused whether I host the DNS master and slave at different locations on firewall (could be pfsense or shorewall or in one of the VEs of Proxmox? And what do you recommend for such scenario: mydns or bind9

    3) How can I create a second host for redundancy as mentioned in the above tutorial to a remote machine behind a firewall?

    4) What makes me reach to the different sites hosted in the Proxmox machine from outside? What kind of modifications are needed?

    5) Is there any online pointer or guide to materializing such a setup?

    I assume that getting my questions answered would help everyone who wants redundant web hosting at their homes. Thanks!!

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