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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Showa, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Showa

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    I have been using my Centos server for a couple of years now without any serious problem.
    Three days I had to restart the server, booting stopped at grub. Searching the internet I did try to resolve this with linux rescue. With no result.
    Momentary the os is 5.11 I have got a software raid system with the os in raid 1 on two disks and my data in raid 5 on four disks.
    Using parted magic the disks seems to be ok. The strange thing I noticed was dat md0 (with grub) exists on sde and sdf, md1 md2 and md3 (the other devices in raid 1) are empty instead there are dm-1 dm-2 dm-3. The data md126 (raid 5) became dm-0. Looking at the dm-devices all the files seems to be there.

    Now my my question: is it possible to repair the raid devices with linux rescue and how? Three days of searching didn't resolve my problem and I need the server for my work.

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Showa

    Showa Member

    Seems to be a grub problem. I manually added a grub.conf file everywhere I could find grub files using root (hd0,0) I now got the grub menu but hd0,0 is not correct. How can I discover what this has to be?
  3. Showa

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    Took root (hd0,0) out of the grub.conf file and everything is working again.
  4. mmidgett

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    What you have experienced was the draw back to software raid. You have to install grub on every bootable disk to make sure it boots when a disk fails. :)

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