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    Hello guys,
    I have a problem with mdadm.
    I created three partition ( swap, / , /home) and I have configured swap in raid0 and /home in raid1.
    When I configure in raid1 / with mdadm, the system return this message:

    mdadm: super1.x cannot open /dev/sda2: Device or resource busy
    mdmon: ddf: Cannot use /dev/sda2: Device or resource busy
    mdmon: Cannot use /dev/sda2: It is busy
    mdadm: cannot open /dev/sda2: Device or resource busy

    cat /proc/mdstat
    Personalities : [raid0] [raid1]
    md1 : active (auto-read-only) raid1 sdb2[1]
    15351808 blocks super 1.2 [2/1] [_U]

    md2 : active raid1 sda3[2] sdb3[1]
    226609152 blocks super 1.2 [2/1] [_U]
    [=====>...............] recovery = 29.4% (66639232/226609152) finish=924.9min speed=2882K/sec
    bitmap: 2/2 pages [8KB], 65536KB chunk

    md0 : active raid0 sda1[0] sdb1[1]
    4190208 blocks super 1.2 512k chunks

    How I can fix?
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