RANCID with WebSVN on CentOS 6.5

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    I'm trying to setup WebSVN to show me a web view of my cisco configs. RANCID works fine...however I can't get WebSVN to work at all after adding a repo...added the rancid group to the apache group for read/write access...

    I've been using the following websites to set this up. Everything seems ok. But I think i'm over-thinking something. The Document Root is /var/www/html/ on CentOS correct?




    Here are configs
    $config->parentPath('/usr/local/rancid/var/', 'Network');

    [root at tsg-rancid Network]# cat /etc/httpd/conf.d/websvn.conf
    Alias /websvn /usr/share/websvn/

    <Directory /usr/share/websvn/>
    Options None
    AllowOverride None
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    [root at tsg-rancid Network]#

    [Fri Oct 24 05:47:57 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/share/websvn/wsvn
    [Fri Oct 24 05:48:08 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/share/websvn/wsvn, referer: http//
    [Fri Oct 24 05:57:29 2014] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down
    [Fri Oct 24 05:57:30 2014] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper: /usr/sbin/suexec)
    [Fri Oct 24 05:57:30 2014] [notice] Digest: generating secret for digest authentication ...
    [Fri Oct 24 05:57:30 2014] [notice] Digest: done
    [Fri Oct 24 05:57:30 2014] [notice] Apache/2.2.15 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.3.3 mod_ssl/2.2.15 OpenSSL/1.0.1e-fips SVN/1.6.11 configured -- resuming normal operations
    [Fri Oct 24 05:57:35 2014] [error] [client] File does not exist: /usr/share/websvn/wsvn
    [root at tsg-rancid Network]#

    RANCID setup - http://blog.brian-gill.com/2012/12/conf ... -your.html
    RANCID is installed to /usr/local/rancid/

    Let me know if there is anything else you need...i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong...

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